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Do you suffer from sun-damaged skin, hormonal changes, medication side-effects or injury? Did you know these can all result in facial discoloration. Melasma, also known as Chloasma or appears on the skin as dark patches that become even more prominent after exposure to the sun. Smearing on sunblock or just staying away from the sun can help to prevent melasma.


True “chemical peels” utilize mild acids to slough away the top layers of dead and damaged skin cells... During these treatments, the technician or doctor will apply Trichloroacetic Acid, Glycolic and/or Salicylic Acids, Carbolic or even Lactic acid to dampened skin, which will refresh the appearance of your skin and minimize finer-sized lines, but you'll need medium-to-deep depth of peel to fight away facial discoloration. Medium depth peels use tougher acids that penetrate deeper into skin. Really deep chemical peels must be accomplished under local anesthesia and necessitate 5 to 10 days for recovery. You will want to wear sunblock and avoid any sunlight after treatment to prevent any additional discoloration. After treatment, you may need bandaging for three-to-four days on the affected area to boost healing.


With micro-dermabrasion, minute, abrasive specks scrub the face, effectively “sanding-off” the uppermost layer of skin-cells, thus revealing newer healthier skin. You might require a sequence of numerous treatments for ideal results. If “micro-derm” is effective in eliminating your skin discoloration, you will then need to properly guard your face from sun-exposure by wearing sunscreen to keep the marks from returning. For those who are worried, don’t be it’s only slightly irritating and at worst you side effects may include, slight redness, some tightness, minor sensitivity, tiny abrasions or inflammation.


Intense Pulse Light or “IPL” uses momentary pulses of heavy-duty light waves to diminish discoloration and even-out the skins tone. Most likely you will need multiple IPL sessions to get the desired result but it is effective in treating skin discolorations in both lighter and darker skinned patients.


Laser-based resurfacing utilizes a laser to vaporize the outermost layers of skin, encouraging the growth of fresh collagen, which will lessen the presence of fine-lines or even wrinkles and some laser treatments can also lighten the effects of discoloration, as well many different kinds of lasers can be utilized in treating skin blemishes. African-American clients, who have higher concentrations of melanin in their skin, might not respond as much to laser treatments. The added melanin in the skin affects the skins absorption ratio.


About the Author: Thai Morrison, superstar esthetician and founder of her very own day spa & skin care collection, understands that ideal skin is seldom attained with a “universal approach.” Thai’s 20 years as a luminary esthetician and as one Dallas’s favorite skin care professionals, has generated a “real life” answer — products & services that are geared towards each of the different, individual skin types so you get precisely what is needed to look and feel your best.

About the Products: At Kanvas Skincare, we desire for our customers to be well-educated before enjoying any of our products. We hope your results will be enhanced once you know what to anticipate, have more realistic standards and objectives, as well as recognize what we are fixated on doing for you. If there are any other questions or concerns you may be having, please contact us at

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